Modern Hanoi Street Food

By Edward Dalton for CNN There’s no arguing: Hanoi is a street food mecca. But humble bowls of pho and turmeric-tossed cha ca fish aren’t the only culinary draws in the capital of Vietnam. An influx of international restaurants, combined with a young population hungry for a cosmopolitan lifestyle, has opened the door for a new generation of Vietnamese cuisine. Restaurants and bars are catapulting traditional recipes into … Continue reading Modern Hanoi Street Food

Around the World in 80 Bites

Written in collaboration with Matt Cowan, Thomas Barrett and Nick Ross. From a country with no knowledge of the cuisine beyond its borders, to a place that sports international cuisine from every corner of the globe. That is the fate of Vietnam in the 20 years since the US lifted the trade embargo. So, what’s on offer? Here are 80 of the now hundreds of restaurants serving up fare from … Continue reading Around the World in 80 Bites

Come Dine With Me: Hanoi Edition

We’ve got the dinner parties, and the biting sarcastic narrator has been replaced by a biting sarcastic writer; the only real difference is we’re on paper, not on your screens. Each of our four contestants will host a dinner party for the group, with the guests giving scores and comments in private after the evening is over. The winner, apart from being the inaugural Come Dine … Continue reading Come Dine With Me: Hanoi Edition

Linguini Fini

Two years since opening, Linguini Fini continues to go from strength to strength. With an extensive menu using only the freshest ingredients and home-made pastas, it’s easy to see why. The stylish Hanoi branch of this casual diner (with sister restaurants in Hong Kong and Manila) offers New York-style Italian cuisine in imposing, chic premises in Tay Ho. Dough Wars Pizza is one of those … Continue reading Linguini Fini

Behind the Bún

Every day, thousands of people pull up a stool and dig into a bowl of bun cha, that quintessential Hanoi dish. Even American presidents such as Obama are susceptible to its charm, despite being invited to try one of its lesser examples, according to most. But let’s not argue about whose bun is best. Let’s instead meet one of the families working day in, day out, to make … Continue reading Behind the Bún

Craft Food

The craft beer phenomenon has its feet well and truly grounded in Vietnam. Hoping to tap into the craze for small batch, high-quality produce, a number of home bakers and chefs are now offering delivery on a number of craft food products. Haus of Smoke Started up by Cao Cuong just over a year ago, Haus of Smoke dedicated over a year to researching the … Continue reading Craft Food

Let’s Talk About Tacos

As Hanoi’s international food scene grows stronger, it’s time we celebrated the variety on offer, by looking at one very specific dish; the humble taco. A few years ago, there were no Mexican restaurants in Hanoi. In 2017, we have several to choose from. Even a few non-Mexican restaurants have jumped on the taco bandwagon, such is the diversity and mass appeal of this dish. So, … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Tacos

Don’t Mind if I Do-nut

Little ladies, lumberjack shirts, bamboo baskets and a conical hat. If the description sounds familiar, then you will no doubt have spent some time either avoiding or indulging in the scoffing of stale donuts around Hanoi’s Old Quarter. More persistent than a winter cold and peddling food more unappetising than anything with the word “gruel” in it, the donut ladies of Hoan Kiem are masters … Continue reading Don’t Mind if I Do-nut