Vietnam Bucket List

Written in collaboration with Matt Cowan, Thomas Barrett and Nick Ross. We all have dreams, lists or ideas of things we would like to do during our lifetime, or during a certain period of our lives. Some of us even go so far as create bucket lists. So, dreamers to the end, and with the knowledge that our subject matter is wonderful, whacky, endearing Vietnam, we decided to create one … Continue reading Vietnam Bucket List

Come Dine With Me: Hanoi Edition

We’ve got the dinner parties, and the biting sarcastic narrator has been replaced by a biting sarcastic writer; the only real difference is we’re on paper, not on your screens. Each of our four contestants will host a dinner party for the group, with the guests giving scores and comments in private after the evening is over. The winner, apart from being the inaugural Come Dine … Continue reading Come Dine With Me: Hanoi Edition

Hanoi Smash

Life can be tough sometimes. Whether caused by the polluted commute, problems at home or work-related grievances, we are all vulnerable to stress. We’ve all had to resist certain stress-induced temptations, such as throat-punching that reckless driver, smashing your cheating ex’s smartphone to pieces or throwing a tomahawk at your boss’s face. Good news! Your restraint has been rewarded by the opening of Vietnam’s first-ever rage … Continue reading Hanoi Smash

Tabletop Gaming

The last two years have seen a surge in the popularity of tabletop gaming in Vietnam. This comes during an age of ultra-advanced video games and with toddlers learning to use smartphones or tablets before they reach kindergarten, making it all the more amazing. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City now both host a selection of board game cafés, with specialist locations devoted to popular … Continue reading Tabletop Gaming

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Pokémon Go officially arrived in Vietnam after creator Niantic’s staggered global rollout finally caught up with local demand. From Aug. 6, would-be Pokémon trainers have been donning their virtual baseball caps and flooding into the streets on a mission to Catch ‘Em All. For the uninitiated, Pokémon are fictional creatures which people catch and train to be used in battles with other trainers. Made famous … Continue reading Gotta Catch ‘Em All