All good things must come to an end. After a very privileged four-and-a-half years of slumming it in a lake-view apartment, eating out every day, taking multiple holidays and working a back-breaking two to three weeks a month, it’s time to go home. The initial clichéd year of teaching English abroad/putting off growing up was thrown into the air after meeting someone who gave me … Continue reading Homecoming

Terrible Tourists

Nothing is better described by that old idiom, swings and roundabouts, than tourism. It’s essential for the survival and development of countless communities around the world; but every bit a destructive menace to just as many others. Vietnam, for the most part, is still in that golden era where tourism is on the increase, and most areas are yet to be irreversibly de-cultured by its impact. … Continue reading Terrible Tourists

Shame and Stupidity on Two Wheels

It wouldn’t make for uplifting reading, but I could accurately publish an article every month with the headline: “Nearly 700 people killed on Vietnam’s roads this month.” That’s according to the General Statistics Office, which reported the deaths of 5,728 people in the first eight months of 2016. The World Health Organisation estimates that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for Vietnamese citizens … Continue reading Shame and Stupidity on Two Wheels

Facetious Awards & Ambiguous Categories

The Yeastie Award … for the Grubbiest Looking Brewer … goes to … Thomas Bilgram! This award celebrates the victory of substance over style. Unless your style is modelled after a hipster Viking. Vietnam has seen the craft beer industry explode into life in the past two years, and one of the pioneers rocking onto the Hanoi scene brings a look which lies somewhere between … Continue reading Facetious Awards & Ambiguous Categories

Antibiotics: Curse or Cure?

  Man flu is real. There are many things which help ease its symptoms; a week off work, piles of takeaway food and lots of sympathetic mollycoddling from your partner are some of the most effective treatments. One thing that will not work, however, is antibiotics. This is equally true for every other type of flu and cold. These are ailments which strike most people … Continue reading Antibiotics: Curse or Cure?