Vietnam Bucket List

Written in collaboration with Matt Cowan, Thomas Barrett and Nick Ross. We all have dreams, lists or ideas of things we would like to do during our lifetime, or during a certain period of our lives. Some of us even go so far as create bucket lists. So, dreamers to the end, and with the knowledge that our subject matter is wonderful, whacky, endearing Vietnam, we decided to create one … Continue reading Vietnam Bucket List

A Quality Market

If you’ve lived in Saigon a long time and have a penchant for wine, fresh fruit and vegetables, deli counters and imported food products, then you’ll know Annam Gourmet Market. For expats and Vietnamese who’ve spent time overseas, the French-influenced Annam has long been a piece of life outside Vietnam. Its latest move is changing all this. It has now opened a new supermarket in … Continue reading A Quality Market