Urban Beautification in Hanoi

The last time the Vietnamese population became animated in any meaningful way, it was to protest against the proposed plan to fell many of Hanoi’s beloved trees. More than just offering respite from the sun to motorcyclists waiting at a red light, they are symbolic of the spirit of Hanoi — strong, resilient and with a deep-rooted history. It’s with cautious optimism, therefore, that we … Continue reading Urban Beautification in Hanoi

Behind the Bún

Every day, thousands of people pull up a stool and dig into a bowl of bun cha, that quintessential Hanoi dish. Even American presidents such as Obama are susceptible to its charm, despite being invited to try one of its lesser examples, according to most. But let’s not argue about whose bun is best. Let’s instead meet one of the families working day in, day out, to make … Continue reading Behind the Bún

Ascend into the Mist: Tam Dao

Hanoi is rich in options for when city life gets overwhelming and a retreat into nature is required. Hanoians are blessed by a close proximity to mountains, national parks and sea. You could recharge your batteries in Sapa, although that would mean contending with construction traffic and gap year students fighting for selfies with someone looking a bit “tribal”. You could unwind in Hạlong Bay, … Continue reading Ascend into the Mist: Tam Dao

X.Lan – The Cartoonist

This is the first time someone’s used ‘Bohemian’ to describe me,” laughs X.Lan, the name she uses in the artistic community. “I don’t think I follow social norms, but I also don’t categorise myself as something more special than anyone else.” The candidness and modesty of X.Lan’s words are just as present throughout our chat, as they are in her work. With a cute, cartoonish, … Continue reading X.Lan – The Cartoonist

Entertainment in Vietnam

Vietnam has heaps of options for entertainment; karaoke bars, live music, theatre, comedy shows and an expanding nightlife, to name but a few. Here’s what our survey respondents (about 200 of them) make of the entertainment scene, and how it has changed in recent years. The Questions Respondents were presented with the following five statements focusing on entertainment, and asked whether they agree, disagree or … Continue reading Entertainment in Vietnam

Craft Food

The craft beer phenomenon has its feet well and truly grounded in Vietnam. Hoping to tap into the craze for small batch, high-quality produce, a number of home bakers and chefs are now offering delivery on a number of craft food products. Haus of Smoke Started up by Cao Cuong just over a year ago, Haus of Smoke dedicated over a year to researching the … Continue reading Craft Food